Agni Janta Chulha

Janta Chulha (Stove for the People)

Agni Janta Chulha is a continuous, natural draft stove

It is smokeless stove compared to traditional mud stoves It uses rice husk as a fuel which are fed in outer reactor, which produces flame efficiently in downdraft mode. It is the most economical stove which serves the weakest section of rural society.

It requires pieces of paper to ignite the stove within a minute stove is ready for cooking; it does not require any additional oil like- kerosene to ignite the stove.

Agni Janta Chulha is designed for BPL Families, saves 70% of cost in comparison to LPG.

Rice Husk is abundantly available at a minimal cost, which is used as a fuel in our stoves. : Janta Chulha eliminates the drudgery Tasks: Since it does not require firewood, Hence no drudgery tasks for children & women, it is designed to optimize fuel-efficiency and reduce toxic emissions when cooking meals.

Janta Chulha eliminates the Drudgery Tasks: drudgery reduction via reduction/elimination of gathering firewood/cow dung for the cooking fires. Hence no drudgery tasks for women and children.

Janta Chulha (Stove for the People)

Fill the rice husk in the outer reactor completely leaving 1 inch gap and ignite the fuel with folded paper inside the main reactor (mouth) lighting it with match stick. Once the fire takes place stove is ready for cooking.

There are 2 levers in Janta Chulha: 1st lever is for removal of ash and the other is for oxygen,while fueling rice husk and during burning process 2nd lever(oxygen) should be open for passing air.

It is necessary to tap the lever at bottom of the stove gradually at every 8 to 10 minutes to keep the fuel feeding and to prevent the fire from going out; moving lever too hard would cause the rice husks to spill out the bottom and disrupt the cone of stove and frequently allows the fire to go out. So kindly push the lever slowly to remove the rice husk ash to fall in ash tray.

Specifications :

Fuel Required
1Kg of Rice Husk per load (Continuous feeding)
Stove Size
17*17*20 cm
Stove Weight
6.45 kg (including ash tray)
Reactor Type
MS Sheet
Could take load upto 50 Kg.
Operating Time
50 -60Minutes ( Depending upon operation/Rice Husk Type)
Outer Body
MS Sheet


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