Agni Pellet Stove

AGNI Pellet stoves are designed with built-in fans which help to circulate the air and heat. It's a unique solution which provides LPG like performance and made easily accessible to households/small restaurants.

AGNI Pellet stove burns using specifically developed biomass residue based solid fuel called "Pellets". The stove works in such a manner so as to provide appropriate air to fuel ratio thus delivering much higher efficiency & consequently lower emissions.

Agni Pellet stoves burn so hot and clean that there's very little ash left behind, especially compared with woodstoves.

The Idea behind NDMI chose "AGNI Pellet Stove" is as the Pellets are considered carbon-neutral because the CO2 level exhausted by the stove is similar to the carbon released when wood decomposes naturally on the forest floor.

The AGNI Pellet Stove gives you uncompromising performance year after year with the comfort of knowing you have selected a product made with true craftsmanship & advanced technological innovations.

Specifications :

Fuel Required
700 grams of pellets/load
Stove Size
10*10*11.5 Inches
Stove Weight
12.90 kg(Stove) Including Burner
12V/ 4.5Ah, MNRE, Govt of India Approved
Combustion Chamber
Refractory 1600 Degree Resistant SS (outer body) , Burner: MS , Cast Iron Grate
Battery Life
8-10 Hours Backup after full charge (3-4 Hours)
Battery Type
Sealed Maintenance Free Leadic Acid
12Volt DC 0.20 Amp
Can take vessel load up to100 Kg.
Operating Time
60-70 Minutes ( Depending upon Speed of Fan Preferred)


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