Agni Sun

(Integrated home lighting solution & Mobile Charger)

Description :
Agni Sun is a Batch type portable forced draft Single Burner & TLUD (Top-Lit Up Draft) Stove .

Rice Husk is the Fuel used in this Stove. It is a second generation domestic stove technology that converts agro-waste (Rice Husks) into gaseous fuel for domestic cooking.
Consumes only 1KG of Rice Husk and produce efficient flames for more than 60 minutes of cooking.

It can cook a meal of 8-10 persons within one feeding while leaving no soot's & smoke in the Kitchen.
Agni Sun Tested by IIT-Delhi

Features :

  • Available with an AC/DC/Solar (Combo) [10W Solar Panel to charge battery (controller).]
  • Available with 5in1 DC Mobile Charger.
  • A 12VDC fan 0.40Amp and a 4.5AH SMF battery is configured inside the charge cum fan controller.
  • Can sim the flames through potentiometer. No fossil fuel is required for ignition just few pieces of paper.
  • An LED light is also configured with the controller that can be used to light darkness.

  • How to Operate ?

    Initially from the mouth of the stove reactor rice husk is filled completely leaving 1 inch gap and ignite the fuel with few pieces of paper lighting it with match stick at different places.

    Once the fire takes place slowly covering the top layer of the fuel then switch on the fan from the controller to start the gasification process after 20 seconds place the steel vessel support on top and stove is ready for cooking, flame can be controlled by the controller (high, medium and low).

    Controller :

    Controller / Power box is provided along with stove for charging of battery which also controls the fan's speed. The power box has two sockets to be charged via 230V electricity or a 10W Solar Panel.The power box is configured with LED Light and we also provide 5in1 DC Mobile Charger to charge mobile.

    Specifications :

    Fuel Required
    1Kg of Rice Husk per load (Batch Type Loading)
    Stove Size
    30*30*84 cm
    Stove Weight
    9.5kg(Stove) ; 2.5 Kgs(Combo Controller)
    12V/ 4.5Ah, MNRE, Govt of India Approved
    LED Light
    12V DC LED Light (1Watt * 4 No.) i.e. 4 Watt
    Reactor Type
    Stainless Steel
    Battery Cycle
    8-10 Hours Backup after full charge of 3-4 Hours.
    Battery Type
    Sealed Maintenance Free Leadic Acid 12Volt 4.5 AH
    12V ( 0.35Amp DC Fan)- Thailand
    Could take load upto 25 Kg.
    Thermal Efficiency
    31.64% ( Tested by IIT-Delhi)
    Operating Time
    60-70 Minutes ( Depending upon operation/Rice Husk Type)
    Particulate Matter
    Power Output
    2.17 kW
    CO/CO2=0.04, TSP 0.7 mg/m3

    User Feedback :

    » Multi Use ( Agni Stove, LED Light & Mobile Charger)
    » Low fuel cost
    » Traditional Taste
    » Easy to ignite
    » Bluish flame like LPG
    » Portable
    » Ash(burnt rice husk) can be used for soil conditioning


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