Automatic Fuel Injection System

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Disadvantages of Wood Fuel

  • The moisture content in wood is very high 45% to 50% which brings down the boiler efficiency of the boiler and disturbs the furnace condition. Higher moisture content will need more drying time.
  • Wood is a bulky fuel.
  • These boilers can degrade more quickly than if not pressurized
  • Large heat storage and heat dump provisions add to system set-up costs.
  • Deforestation and in the first place, illegal logging is a serious environmental concern. In the developed countries, the rate of illegal logging is relatively low but it remains high in the developing nations. Unsustainable wood harvesting does not only contribute to the rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere but it also threatens the local ecosystems and biodiversity.
  • In comparison to other forms of heating, wood fuel is often less convenient because most stoves and furnaces require refilling every few hours. Due to which heat loss occur.

For all types of Manually fed Boilers, Thermo Packs and Furnaces

Particular Wood / Briquettes/Coal Pellets with Injection System
Fuel Consumption 35-50% Higher than Pellets 35-50% Less
Feeding Manual Automatic
Ash% 10-20% Less Than 3%
Startup-Time 30-40 Min Lesser
Maintenance &
Ash Removal 3 Times a Day Once in 3 Days
Hazardous Smoke Clearly Visible Not Visible
Space requirement Much Higher 60% less
Cleanliness Worst Better Housekeeping
Labor More Less
  • Spreader insures that fuel has been spread evenly in entire grate area.