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Chairman speaks

Welcome aboard our new website. At NDMI, We Believe in Redefining Traditional Cooking by changing lives of people at Base of Pyramid (BoP)

News Board

NDMI Featured in YourStory. http://social.yourstory.com/2014/04/nav-durga-clean-cookstoves/
NDMI reached as " Finalist" in clean Energy/Technology in India and subsequently has been nominated for 'People's Choice Award-2014" by "Sankalp Forum-2014".
"Nominated for the Alliance Award for "Innovation in clean cooking solutions of the year(2014).  
[The Sankalp Forum partnered with the Global Alliance for clean cooking stoves to Launch the Sankalp 2014].
NDMI Provided Stove Operation/Maintenance Training to 500 women in a cluster at Bihar in December 2013.
NDMI(Bharat) is shortlisted as a Semi finalist in "Rural Energy" by the Bihar Innovation Forum-2


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