It's a continuous which operates on DC power supply mode it's a big size downdraft gasifier stove used in commercial kitchens, schools, etc. and available in customized form i.e. (single, double or more burners).

⇒ 25D (For 100-200 People)

⇒ 40D (For 200-300 People)

Above models saves upto 60%-80% cost compared to LPG.

The continuous flow gasifier is the latest technology developed for converting Rice Husks into combustible gas for various thermal applications. The gasifier follows the principle of an inverted downdraft to produced minimum particulates during operation.

It is a continuous type gasifier where Rice Husks are fed at the top end of the Reactor and the char is discharged at the bottom end.

During the process the burning of Rice Husks moves vertically downward inside the reactor, where limited amount of air is introduced to the fuel bed to create an Oxygen-starve environment. Gas which is basically rich in carbon monoxide and Hydrogen, is Produced and subsequently burned in the burner to produce heat. It is use with various Industrial/Community applications. It reduces the cost upto 80%.

Designed and developed to provide small-to medium-scale industries a technology for firing thermal devices using gaseous flame from rice husk. By gasification, the gas generated from the gasifiers can be used as fuel for stoves, oven, heaters, dryers, boilers & others.


Features : -

(a) Uses rice husk as a fuel.

(b) Easy to operate.

(c) Produces as luminous blue to pink flame with almost no smoke at all during operation.

(d) Gas can be pipe-in for distant application.

(e) Varying applications to meet the energy need.

(f) By-product can be a good source of material for soil conditioning and for production of bio-coal fuel.


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