Vision, Mission & Values

NDMI’s leadership team developed a Vision, Mission and Values soon after the company’s founding. These statements have formed the core principles that have motivated & guided the company ever since. They continue to do so today — and will for many years into the future.


To become the benchmark manufacturing & distribution organization that best understands and satisfies the clean cooking product, service and fundamental needs of people"


In order to achieve this vision, the Group strives to achieve the following mission objectives:

• To continuously improve quality, productivity and reduce cost and waste.
• To constantly develop high value-added products and environmental-friendly products.
• To continually pursue excellence in quality and service exceeding customer's expectation.
• To be a good corporate citizen, protecting and enhancing the environment as well as discharging social responsibility in order to ensure sustainable growth.


We at NDMI treat Total Customer Satisfaction as our top priority. This has given birth to the organization’s values:

Respect — we trust each another as individuals and value the capabilities & contributions of each person.

Integrity & Trust — Living up to our promises, commitments & responsibilities, we do what is right regardless of cost or consequences.

• We respect and treat people fairly without judging.
• We take responsibility for mistakes and take corrective action.

Continuous Improvement — We are innovative and utilize best practices to continually improve our management techniques, and the quality of our products and services.

Teamwork — We contribute fully in group work, demonstrating trust and mutual support as we collaborate with others.

Spirit of Winning—
• We pursue our vision and business objectives with focus and tenacity.
• We are accountable for our actions and are determined and relentless to meet business objectives

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