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NDMI (Bharat), Navdurga Metal Industries (Bharat)is in Energy Business engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of high-efficiency biomass (rice husk, pellet and other agro/wood-waste) stoves across India & other developing countries. We are reducing the use of natural resources and harmful fuels & replacing them with better alternatives addressing environmental, health, financial and social issues with regard to cooking for its customers.

NDMI commenced its operation in 2009 & has been the first mover in India, in turning rice husk as a fuel in clean cook stoves division and is sole organization in INDIA which has developed more than 10 designs for burning rice husk effectively & efficiently.

We are pioneering in Rice Husk Fueled Biomass Gasification Stoves .Through our own manufacturing facilities; we market and distribute clean cooking stoves to massive rural public and other small and large scale industries. We are proud to be the unique leading innovator in the renewable rice husk energy field in India. The products we sell help reduce our country's dependence on other biomass products, benefit the environment by reducing pollutants and improve cooking performance.

We deal into Rural Energy (BoP Consumer Goods) i.e. Clean Cooking Solutions (Biomass Smokeless Stoves) for India and other Developing Countries. Our products are unique and eco-friendly rice husk (and other agro/wood-waste) fueled biomass gasification 'Clean Cooking Stoves' providing cooking comforts similar to LPG with its capacity to design high efficiency stoves and intention to change life styles of women in rural and semi-urban areas by providing clean kitchens with reduced smoke and hazardous gas emissions and saving cost on fuels.

Our stove reduces the cooking cost & Indoor Air Pollution by 80%, compared to traditional stoves, greatly reducing volatile gases and CO intake of women and children, thereby reducing the threat of respiratory disorder. It also delivers social benefits, support economic development, and also mitigate climate change impact at the same time. NDMI has exclusively focused on the needs of women to reduce fuel collection times and improve the kitchen environment by smoke removal. We have adopted approaches to stove improvement for escaping from smoke emission also introducing alternative fuels in areas where wood fuel is in particular shortage or expensive to purchase.

Physiological needs of people; their safety needs (security and protection) by means of better cooking solutions, socio-economic needs, environmental affection, our self-esteem recognition status and self actualization are the factors which motivate us to grow this venture.

The technology behind our cook stoves is simple and low-maintenance. What makes our projects so sustainable is the use of labour including women and the adaption of the designs to local cooking customs and traditions.

The Project has been setup at UPSIDC Site –II at Faizabad (Uttar Pradesh),India with clear vision to develop, produce, market and provide services on effective technologies which are eco- friendly and affordable, likewise provide services to prospective clients that will give them the solutions to their problem & their needs in this context. An organization with clear vision in providing appropriate technologies in the areas of renewable energy, agricultural equipment & metal fabrication in Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh (India).


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