Research & Development

Four essential component that made "Agni Biomass Gas Stove" a successful project,

Rice Husk stored and easily availability.
Combustion Device
Release of the Energy.
Uses of the energy.
Human Factors
Costs, availability, Cooking Preferences, Sizes, Social perceptions, Marketing etc.

Due to easy availability of husks & Strong sales & service network of NDMI (Bharat) a good fraction of people adopted 'Agni ACS'.

NDMI is continuously making new researches in the field of Bio-Energy Cooking Devices & Fuel. We have developed 12 prototypes & commercialized more than 8. Very Soon NDMI is Going to Launch " AGNI DOUBLE BURNER" with similar looks & features just as LPG Stoves which will change the overall of image of so-called " Improved Chulha".This will be a revolutionary product & will be accepted by a mass population.NDMI will produce more than 20 lacs units of this product in next 2 year.


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