SPFM 0414N (Community Size)

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Stove with 230 Volt SMPS Adapter, Fan Connecting Cable, Fan Regulator Box with Option for connecting external battery MRP: 7900/-.

  • Available with an AC/DC/Solar (Combo)
  • A 12VDC fan 0.30 Amp and a 7.5AH SMF battery is configured inside the charge cum fan controller.
  • A Solar panel of 15 Watts is also provided to Charge Battery
  • Can sim the flames through Regulator

Optional Accessories

Combo Power Box with inbuilt battery 7.5AH , 15 Watts Solar Panel, 3Watts Led Bulb & Solar/AC Charger

Ideal for:-Ideal for Cooking of 50-80 Pax in Aganbadis.

Warranty Stove : 2 Year , Battery: 6 Months

SPFM 0414N Warranty Card.


Features Descriptions
Fuel Required 2 Kg of Wood , Cow dung etc Per Hour
Stove Size 14 x 14 x 11 Inch
Stove Weight 20 Kgs
Reactor Type Front Loading Continuous Type Ceramic Refractory
Battery 12V/ 7.5AH, MNRE, Govt of India Approved
LED Light LED Light (3 Watt )
Fan 12V ( 0.30Amp DC Fan)
Capacity Could take load up to 100 Kg.
Battery Backup 1) Only Fan: 8-10hrs
2) Only Light: 25~28hrs
3) Both Fan & Light: 5~ 6hours


Features Descriptions
Thermal Efficiency 35.41% ( Tested by IIT-Delhi)
Operating Time Continuous @ 2 Kgs/Hr
Particulate Matter (TSP) 116.63/MJd
Power Output 4.25 Kwt
CO 1.88/MJd