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Over 700 million people households in India & 3 billion people globally don’t have access to modern cooking fuels & thus rely on burning solid biomass (wood, cow-dung, etc.) in open fires or mud stoves, with women and young children the most affected. This cooking method is inefficient & smoky; producing excessive greenhouse gas emissions and dangerous household air pollution. The household air pollution kills 4 million people around the world every year, making it the health risk in all of South Asia. It’s also inconvenient, creating a time & monetary burden on rural consumers due to added fuel purchase or collection and the constant need to tend to the flames.
Lack access to modern cooking fuel, requiring them to cook using solid biomass fuels (mostly wood & cow dung) on rudimentary mud stoves or open fires. Cooking in this manner is dangerous, expensive, severely damaging to the environment, and lowers rural quality of life due to the daily inconvenience of tending to the fire, the drudgery of fuel collection, and the physical discomfort caused by smoke emissions.
Cooking & Lighting contributes to more than 90% of the total energy consumed by a rural household, we have designed a stove which not only cook but also provide light. we enlightened more than thousand houses who were in darkness & and eliminated house hold air pollution.

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