ndmi advantage

“NDMI explored that rice husk is a clean burning fuel in comparison to other biomass, which creates more time back to families by reducing fuel-gathering and instant cooking. Our stove reduce emissions of airborne particulates and pollutant gases, create jobs, save families money on daily fuel costs, improve human health and the environment, and are designed to be sustainable well into the future.
Through our own manufacturing facilities, we market & distribute clean cooking stoves to massive rural public and other small and large scale industries. We are proud to be the unique leading innovator in the renewable rice husk energy field in India. The products we sell help reduce our country's dependence on other biomass products, benefit the environment by reducing pollutants and improve cooking performance. In addition to rice husk based Agni Star product, we also produce and market several other products based on both bio-products and rice husk mechanized products, for instance,Janta Chulha, Agni Sun Agni Mid Day Meal stove to let avail the socio-economic benefits to the rural public.

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