ndmi success

The Technology itself is making to believe that rice husk can be burnt by our stoves. When we made our first natural stove named as “Japanese Chulha” (rice husk fueled stove) of just INR 500 in year 2009-10.

We sold 10,000 stoves; the results were too impressive starting from the demonstration to the whole unit sold out. We believe that at our initial stage of operation the "word of mouth" acted as promotional tool and contributed to 1st stage of success.

Later, we made advanced stoves and also modified Japanese Chulha with different features, also we considered the aforementioned facts as a great opportunity to enter rice husk based technology. Our R&D tenets and diligent operation team have proved a great key to that grand success.
NDMI personally believe that "We utilized rice husk which is a waste produced by nature through milling of rice & not by cutting down trees from nature"
It's not us only who have done well, but it's the products itself which attracts the stove users to buy. We have cracked the best utilization method of the rice husks in the areas where it is in abundance & at least minimal cost. We have dedicated team to listen the view & suggestions of each user. Door to Door Service/replacement by our distributors/ retailers and addressing each grievance till date.

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