Bakery Ovens

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The Green Baking

In 2017, after a 5-year research and development plan, we produced the India's first rotary pellet oven to the market. It was also an industry first in terms of consideration of the environment. The pellet oven is a renewable energy source, classified as "zero emissions", which does not damage the ozone layer and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. Our pellet, rotary, and deck ovens therefore have an important ecological advantage, reducing emissions by 90% compared with similar ovens that are fuelled in the traditional way.


  • Horizontal flame pellet burner with feeding cochlea (excluded pellet tank)
  • Modular steam generator, with cascade elements with spheres.
  • Steamers with automatic feed.
  • Hood with improved exhaust fan.
  • Door with double glass and double closing .
  • Automatic steam valve and Fast Air system.
  • Rapid cooling valve .
  • Automatic start.
  • Standard rotation device with hook
  • Electric board with extended cables to hang it on oven's sides