NDMI Appliances & Fuel Delivers High impact across Below Areas


Using a traditional mud stove/Bhatti for an hour is equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes along with eye, skin irritation and other ailments. Working on Diesel Burners in a Food workshop emits lots of CO2 and cause various infections & diseases to the workers.

Environment & Climate Change

Due to inefficiencies, traditional stoves require copious amounts of fuel, typically firewood for which communities often have to cut trees damaging flora and fauna. Emissions from these stoves is also a significant contributor to climate change

Money and Time

Families & enterprises spend a significant portion of their time and income on fuel collection and purchase or buy conventional fuels from black market.

Gender and Opportunity

Cooking on traditional stoves and consequent fuel collection requires more than necessary time and effort taking away from productive hours of women and young girls leading to time poverty and lost opportunity.

A portion of every sale from the NDMI shop gets re-invested into our work in bringing clean cooking and energy to Hundreds of Less-Privileged families across Uttar Pradesh & Bihar We're creating a new approach to energy access; one that empowers people to power themselves. And it all starts with you empowering us.