CFS- Type 1(Continous Feed Stove)

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CFS- Type 1

The Continuous Feeding Cookstove is a uniquely designed for large scale cooking and boiling applications. A perfect solution for Hotels, Restaurants and canteens.The stove uses a clean, cost effective and eco-friendly fuel, which is an ideal alternative to fossil fuels like LPG, PNG and Diesel.


  • Automatic Pellet Feed Mechanism With DC Support
  • Multiple Stage Pellet Feeding System
  • No Combustion , Only 100 %Gasification
  • High Efficiency & Uniform Flames
  • High Grade 1600 Degree resistant combustion chamber.
  • Optional Kadhai Rings & Wonder Tawa Accessories.
  • Stove on Wheels with Continuous usage ease.
  • Multiple Applications for Cooking,Frying,Sweets Processing, Boiling,Snacks,Namkeen etc.
  • Can be Placed below khowa making machines
  • Optional Kadhai Ring Arrangement for frying

CFS-Type1 Applications

Sweet making

Namkeen Making






Features Descriptions
Fuel Required 4-6 Kg of Pellets per Hour
Operational Time Continuous (can be run without any break above 6Hrs)
Stove Size 39.5 Length (Including Hopper) X 19.5 Width X 23 Height
Stove Weight 78 kg
Fuel Type Biomass Pellets (6-8mm)
Efficiency & Ash content Efficiency 48% & Ash content > 2%
Reactor Type 1600 Degree Temperature Resistant
Battery Cycle 8-10 Hours Backup after full charge of 4-5 Hours.(12V, 7.5AH SMF Battery)
Fans 2 Fans, 12Volts DC
Capacity Could take load up to 400 Kg.
Performance Indicator All Purpose Stove , Can be Run at Multiple Levels
Warranty 2 year (stove), 6 months (Electronic Components)

Clients Testimonials

"Since Inception We use to Burn Coal , later we Turned to LPG but it was never a prominent replacement of Coal for Boiling milk & making rasgullas as Quick as i use to do on coal.LPG took More than 3 Hrs to Boil 280-300 Litres of Milk causing Slow production & costly too . We Shifted to diesel burner which use to do same work very quickly in 120 Minutes & at cheaper price too , but there were Lots of issues related to pollution Control. We Got NDMI CFS Stove in October 2015 Which i Found the only better replacement than Disel Burner in both terms Savings of Cost & time too"

Work Comparison on 1 CFS stove:- 250 Lites of Milk (Mix Disel)13 Litres @43 = 546 + 16 Electricity = INR560 in 90 Minutes. Pellets 12 Kgs @18 = 270 = INR 216 in 90 Minutes Now I am Saving 344 INR in Every 90 Minutes or Say 230 INR/Hour . My Working is 10 Hrs a day on 1 machine which helps me to Save about INR 2300 Per Day. In December 2015 I Bought two More machines & removed all Diesel burners from My premises"

Madhur Milan Sweets
Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh
Mobile No:-7275315539