NDMI Advantages


NDMI brings many benefits for users of biomass Cooking/Heating devices that span from improved comfort in daily use to cost savings that accumulate across each Cooking/Heating season 

These benefits for the users are:

ACCEPTANCE WITH COMFORT: easy to use, safe, providng maximum user comfort

ADOPTION WITH FLEXIBILITY: adaptive to users' needs (multiple set combinations, design & colour options)

ECO-FIRENDLINESS: lower consupmtion of Pellets , lower particle and gasses emissions with Insulated Chimney for Flue Gases

SAVINGS: lower Cooking cost due to operating autonomy = best value for money

LESS ELECTRICITY COST : Since Fans and Motors incorporated are 12 Volts DC with imput Maximum 100 Watts While tarditional Kersone/FO/Disel Burners have 2 HP motors. So very Hight amount of Savings here too.

Power setting:
Auto, Quick Heat and Eco options

Ambient fan settings:
Auto, Quick Heat and Eco options

Temperature settings:

Fuel type section
6mm & 8mm Biomass Pellets

Timer settings:
input & Output programme