CFS- Type 2(Continous Feed Stove)

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CFS- Type 2

The Machine is best suited to prepare chenna sweets & items with Traditional taste as cooked on wood pellets and perfect colour. 100% of total NDMI's sweet making clients use CFS- Type 2 for preparing Chenna items.


  • Automatic Pellet Feed Mechanism With DC Support
  • Multiple Stage Pellet Feeding System
  • No Combustion , Only 100 %Gasification
  • High Efficiency & Uniform Flames
  • High Grade 1600 Degree resistant combustion chamber.
  • Fuel Hopper For Continuous Fuel Supply & Customized vessel Support
  • Multiple Applications for Sweets Making,Milk Boiling & any Kind of Frying
  • Best machine available in India for Rasgulla Chenna making
  • Mandatory Ring attachment.
  • Can Also run on Solar panel of 100 Watts too.
  • Less than 100 watts of Electricity required.

CFS-Type2 Applications



Other Chenna Items


Features Descriptions
Fuel Required 7-15 Kg of Pellets per Hour
Operational Time Continuous (can be run without any break above 12Hrs)
Stove Size
Stove Weight 80 kg (Without Ring & Chimney)
Fuel Type Biomass Pellets (6-8mm)
Efficiency & Ash content Efficiency 90 % & Ash content > 2%
Reactor Type 1600 Degree Temperature Resistant
Battery Cycle 8-10 Hours Backup after full charge of 4-5 Hours. (12V, 42 AH SMF Battery)
Fans 2 Blowers & 1 Fan , 12Volts DC
Capacity Could take load up to 800 Kg.
Performance Indicator All Purpose Stove , Can be Run at Multiple Levels
Warranty 1 year (stove), 6 months (Electronic Components)