Eco Friendly & Cost Saving

Cost Saving

High Alumina Content Chamber Produces Maximum heat without any energy losses.

With NDMI Panels Fuel feeding can be Adjusted as & When required.

Only 40Watts of 12VDC Input is required for geared Motor to feed pellets.

Eco Friendly

NDMI Appliances & Fuels provide significantly lower CO and particle emissions in comparison to conventional biomass combustion Devices and Fuels. With NDMI heating device, Clients can achieve results that are far below limits in combination with the lower fuel consumption the sustainable choice of using NDMI heating devices.

Low Cost continuous large scale cooking solution
Why pellet is Economical

Particulars Pellet LPG Diesel
Calorific value ( kcal ) 4,300 12,000 9,100
Rate in TNR. 18 70 52
Thermal Eff. in % of Burner Devices. 80 60 55
Thermal Efficiency of CFS is Considered with Special Kadhai Ring *Source As per BIS *Source As per Google
Energy Utilized in ( Kcal ) 3,440 7,200 5,005
Pellet Consumption in Kg Against Fuel 2.09 1.32
Conversion Cost of Pellet 38 24
Saving ( Rs ) per Kg of 32 27
Saving in ( % ) 46 49
  • Lower fuel consumption due to higher efficiency
  • Lower heating cost due to optimum combustion in all operating conditions