On Site Delivery & Services

NDMI customers have available extensive technical support in all project phases & after Sales:

  • Selection of the right appliances user interface, optional units and accessories for the application
  • First installation and start-up trials on site.
  • Performance Optimization (parameter fine tuning)
  • Performance test and measurement (laboratory & on-the-site)
  • Technical, Installation and Service Personnel Training on the use of NDMI products.
  • We also facilitate first 3 Services at interval of two months free of cost and then after
    against AMC as agreed mutually.

The support is also available in the form of telephone & e-mail consulting.

For first installations, we recommend a visit to NDMI appliances operated premises where all the infrastructure is in place to get your operators/technicians started with NDMI appliances. NDMI also makes available its NDMI Workshop

where your combustion device can be equipped with NDMI controllers and fine-tuned to optimize the combustion and thoroughly tested. In such cases we take special attention to protect your know-how and didn't reveal your workshops 's operational protocols to other clients.

For SUPPORT   +91 9161318999   +91 9161318999   or e-mail to support@ndmi.co.in